New MOSTValidator v3.0 Alpha!

Following from the MOST meeting in Vienna, I released an early alpha version of MOSTValidator v3.0. There is nothing to download as it is now a web service.

Please access it here:

Warning! This software is an alpha release. It may (and probably will) contain bugs.

Having said that, the core MOSTValidator module was translated directly and should be bug-free.

Site downtime

I apologize for the website being down for the past couple of days. I had to move everything to a new server.

Also, if your account does not seem to work, please register for a new one or use the "forgot password" link.



Change to user registrations

Hi all!

I have changed some settings on user registration to prevent automated crawlers and spambots registering for accounts.

You should now receive an email asking you to verify your email address and account information before your account becomes valid. It should not take more than a couple of hours to receive this email.

I also went through and removed a lot of the spam accounts. If I accidentally deleted your account, I do apologize. Please create a new account. If you have submitted proposals, they will remain unaffected.

Thanks for your cooperation!



New MOSTValidator 2.5X Released!


I have built a new version of MOSTValidator to work with the new Simbad and Vizier website architecture, as promised.

Please (create an account, login) and make your way to the MOSTValidator download page to download this new version.

If there are any questions or issues with the software, please do not hesitate to contact us.



MOSTValidator Incompatibilities


As the Simbad and Vizier services recently upgraded their interfaces, MOSTValidator is now incompatible with the new systems and cannot be used to search for targets.

Please bear with us; we are rolling out a new version of the software soon.



MOSTValidator 2.3 now available!

Greetings proposers!

I spoke too soon...the new version of MOSTValidator is available for download. Please note that if you downloaded version 2.2 earlier today, you should obtain the new version (2.3) from the Download page since it contains a critical bug fix.

Steps to update:

1) Delete MOSTValidator.jar on your system.
2) Visit the Downloads page and obtain the new version (2.3).
3) Run it the same way you ran the old version.

Bug fixes and updates:

  • Critical update: If you try searching for a target that is not in the CVZ, the graph that pops up shows an incorrect date, with the year being 0 or -1. This has been changed to show the current date.
  • Added version information to software's title bar.

Warm regards,

Varun Ramraj
Site Administrator


Hello everyone!

If you downloaded MOSTValidator before July 5, 2007, please visit the Downloads page to obtain the new version.

Steps to update:

1) Delete MOSTValidator.jar on your system.
2) Visit the Downloads page and obtain the new version (2.2).
3) Run it the same way you ran the old version.

The new version includes the following fixes:

  • Updated list of targets observed by MOST.
  • Changes to the user interface to look smoother on Linux operating systems.

Happy proposing!

Varun Ramraj
Site Administrator

Welcome to the "My Own Space Telescope" Proposal Information Page!

August 31, 2013:
Site update to newer version of Drupal to allow easier maintenance and integration of the new MostValidator.
Note that new user registrations are disabled temporarily. Please create and login with your OpenID instead.

December 15, 2011:
We have an early alpha release of MOSTValidator v3.0 available for testing. It is a web service and is accessible here: (opens in new window)

Due to its early alpha nature, there may be bugs. Please proceed with caution, but enjoy the experience!

The earlier stable version, MOSTValidator 2.5X is still available for download, but requires an account.

This opportunity is intended for Canadians of all ages and backgrounds, who share curiosity and wonder for the stars - from students and science classes, to amateur astronomers, to enthusiastic skygazers - to propose ideas for scientific observations with Canada's space telescope, MOST.

There is no registration fee and you can create your own user account here so the MOST Team can track usage of the site. No information about you will be shared publicly unless your proposal is selected.

We are looking for project submissions for new target objects that we can observe with MOST. This is YOUR chance to participate in active research with the MOST space telescope research team!

All the tools you need to submit your proposal are available on this site! Good luck!

IMPORTANT: Please syndicate our news using your browser or your favourite RSS reader to stay informed about this site's updates.

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