MOSTValidator 2.3 now available!

Greetings proposers!

I spoke too soon...the new version of MOSTValidator is available for download. Please note that if you downloaded version 2.2 earlier today, you should obtain the new version (2.3) from the Download page since it contains a critical bug fix.

Steps to update:

1) Delete MOSTValidator.jar on your system.
2) Visit the Downloads page and obtain the new version (2.3).
3) Run it the same way you ran the old version.

Bug fixes and updates:

  • Critical update: If you try searching for a target that is not in the CVZ, the graph that pops up shows an incorrect date, with the year being 0 or -1. This has been changed to show the current date.
  • Added version information to software's title bar.

Warm regards,

Varun Ramraj
Site Administrator

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