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August 31, 2013:
Site update to newer version of Drupal to allow easier maintenance and integration of the new MostValidator.
Note that new user registrations are disabled temporarily. Please create and login with your OpenID instead.

December 15, 2011:
We have an early alpha release of MOSTValidator v3.0 available for testing. It is a web service and is accessible here:
http://mostvalidator.oracology.net (opens in new window)

Due to its early alpha nature, there may be bugs. Please proceed with caution, but enjoy the experience!

The earlier stable version, MOSTValidator 2.5X is still available for download, but requires an account.

This opportunity is intended for Canadians of all ages and backgrounds, who share curiosity and wonder for the stars - from students and science classes, to amateur astronomers, to enthusiastic skygazers - to propose ideas for scientific observations with Canada's space telescope, MOST.

There is no registration fee and you can create your own user account here so the MOST Team can track usage of the site. No information about you will be shared publicly unless your proposal is selected.

We are looking for project submissions for new target objects that we can observe with MOST. This is YOUR chance to participate in active research with the MOST space telescope research team!

All the tools you need to submit your proposal are available on this site! Good luck!

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What We Need from You

Some of the most important decisions we have to make involve exactly which star or star system we wish to study. Please follow the checklist below to get started with this opportunity.

Checklist for proposal submission

  1. Register for a user account. UPDATED! Please ensure you answer the CAPTCHA question in order to register your account successfully!
  2. Sign in to this site.
  3. Click the "Download" link on the left side above the navigation bar (only visible to users who have signed in).
  4. Download a copy of the MOST Validator target selection tool. Current version: 2.5X
  5. Using MOST Validator, select an interesting star or star system that you would like to study.
  6. Formulate your proposal and submit using the "Submit a Proposal!" menu link. Please clearly explain why you wish to study this object.
  7. If you are selected, we will arrange to have you participate with us in the study of your object!

What this Site Can Provide for You

This site was set up for the sole purpose of providing a portal and reference for Canadians who are budding proposal submitters. This site will assist you in your study of MOST's capabilities, allowing you to create an interesting project proposal within the realms of MOST. While the site is not the perfect comprehensive resource, we are confident that you will be able to use it as your portal in preparing meaningful proposals for MOST. Also, as you read, watch out for the words 'Proposal Tip'; these tips will greatly assist in your study. Think of the information on this site as a research guide; use it as your resource to develop your proposal, and you may be one of our lucky winners!

General Guidelines and Hints

1. You may submit as many proposals as you wish.
2. Proposals are evaluated primarily on scientific merit, feasibility, and the amount of observing time required.
3. RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) members are welcome to submit! Non-Canadians can be part of a proposal, if the team is led by a Canadian.
4. The information on the site is for you to use in creating your project idea.
5. We welcome submissions from young and old alike!
6. Proposal Tip: One key to choosing your target star(s) is ensuring that its coordinates fall within MOST's Continuous Viewing Zone (CVZ) and its sun sensor zone. Study the CVZ graph and image "Quick Links" found in the right sidebar for a graphical explanation, and use the downloadable MOST Validator target selection tool from the "Downloads" link on the left sidebar.

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